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Moles can be pests and a nuisance in lawns and grass. They make tunnels  just under the surface in the lawn or garden. The tunnels are unsightly and sometimes unsafe. They are often found where there is a reliable food source - in lawns that source is often white grubs.

Mole Tunnels in Lawn

Moles can Damage Lawns


 Remove the food source - control the grubs. Sometimes a homemade concoction of cayenne pepper and garlic will repel the moles.


Turf King can apply an environmentally-friendly animal conditioner that poses no danger to non-target species, including humans. The activity of moles, squirrels, voles and other tunneling critters can be changed. The animal conditioner can be applied to plant beds and flower bulbs. The conditioner is effective for 30-75 days or longer. The area should be thoroughly watered before and after application. Conditioning of rodents may occur in just 3-7 days after treatment.

Mole Tunnel in Lawn

 If you have a lawn/tree/shrub that needs some Tender Loving Care- get The KING OF GREEN:

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